Best Commercial Weed Eater Reviews 2018

Best Commercial Weed EaterWe’ve put together reviews of the best commercial weed eater models on the market. These commercial grade string trimmers have plenty of power and durability.

If you run a landscaping company or have some serious weeds that need wacking then make sure you get one of these weed eaters.

We’ve reviewed both 2-cycle and 4-cycle gas weed eaters as well as a commercial battery powered weed eater.

If you’re looking for the best weed eater for the money then be prepared to spend a little more to get a top rated commercial string trimmer.

Before we get to the professional weed eater reviews here’s a quick look at the models that made our top 10 list.

 ModelEngine CapacityStroke / CycleWeight (lbs)PriceCheck Latest Price
Husqvarna 324LHusqvarna 324L25cc417$$$$
Tanaka TCG27EBSPTanaka TCG27EBSP26.9cc211.2$$$$
Hitachi CG22EAP2SLHitachi CG22EAP2SL21.1cc211$$
Husqvarna 223RHusqvarna 223R25cc211$$$$
Core CGT403Core CGT403Batteryn/a14$$$

Commercial Weed Eater Reviews

Husqvarna 324L 967055801 4-Cycle 25cc Commercial Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 324LGenerally when people think of commercial string trimmers they automatically assume that it needs to be a 2-cycle unit. It turns out that our favorite commercial weed eater is actually a 4-cycle trimmer.

This 25cc weed eater has plenty of power. At the top end you’ll get 7000 RPM with enough torque to satisfy even the most die hard 2-cycle fan. There’s no fussing with oil / fuel mixtures, far less noise and emissions.

The fuel efficiency is excellent giving you just over an hour of operation from a single tank of gas. It has a comfortable loop handle that can be adjusted to fit the grip you’re after and the weight distribution is spot on too.

The line feed is a well designed tap-and-go type for quick and easy feeding of the dual line cutting system.

If you’re after commercial grade power and durability but want to skip the hassle of a 2-cycle weed eater then buy this Husqvarna unit with confidence.

Tanaka 26.9cc TCG27EBSP 2-Cycle Commercial String Trimmer

Tanaka TCG27EBSPIf you’re after the most powerful weed eater then this 2-cycle beast from Tanaka is about as hardcore as it gets.

Tanaka isn’t a brand that you’ll immediately recognize but it’s got a good heritage. It’s a brand that’s owned by Hitachi and it comes with the quality and durability built in that you’ve come to expect from this great power tool producer.

The 26.9cc engine puts out awesome power with plenty of torque. We really liked the high durability aluminum clutch housing and how easy the built-in spindle lock makes it to change cutting attachments.

They’ve ensured comfortable use and low vibrations with the solid steel splined shaft and padded handles. If you want a harness you’ll have to buy it separately but it’s so well balanced that it’s really not a necessity.

The S-Start technology makes it really easy to start and sets it apart from a lot of other 2-cycle string trimmers.

For commercial use it comes with a 2-year warranty but we’d suggest spending a little more and extending it when placing your order.

Hitachi 21.1cc CG22EAP2SL 2-Cycle Commercial Weed Wacker

Hitachi 21.1cc CG22EAP2SLDespite the relatively small engine capacity (21.1cc) this 2-cycle commercial weed eater puts out impressive power. Hitachi have a range of string trimmers but this is one of our favorite commercial grade string trimmers they make.

They’ve managed to combine the power you get from a 2-cycle engine with the low emissions and fuel economy you normally only get from a 4-cycle unit.

They’ve used an anti-vibration system which results in great stability at high revs and ensures comfortable longterm use.

This is a beautifully put together piece of equipment with each component made from high quality materials.

We really liked that even though it had a good solid feel about it it still only weighs about 11 pounds.

If you’re going to be using it in commercial applications then the warranty covers you for 2 years.

For normal residential use the warranty covers you for 7 years.

Husqvarna 25cc 223R Commercial 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna 223RHere’s another one of our favorite Husqvarna weed eaters. If you’ve used a weed eater for a few hours a day then you know how big a difference having two handles can make.

Combine that with a good harness and your back and arms will thank you at the end of the day. This is one of the most comfortable weed eaters we’ve used and we’re very impressed with what Husqvarna have put together in this product.

This weed eater is beautifully balanced and super comfortable to use. The 2-cycle gas engine offers plenty of power and impresses by still having emissions low enough for it to be certified as CARB compliant.

The trimmer head is semi-automatic and it also comes with a grass blade.

Husqvarna also supply premixed fuel for their weed eaters and it’s worth considering to ensure a longer life for your engine.

Core CGT403 Battery Powered Commercial Weed Eater

Core CGT403 Battery Powered Commercial Weed EaterIf you want to go completely green then battery power is the way to go. The cheap battery powered weed eaters don’t have nearly enough power but this unit from Core is really impressive.

The high end DC motor they’ve used actually generates 25% more torque than what you would get from a 25cc 2-cycle weed eater.

It comes with a rapid battery charger and 2 power cells. When fully charged you’ll get up to 70 minutes of use from a single power cell.

The charger works fast enough that you can keep cycling between the 2 power cells without having to wait for them to charge.

We liked how the weight of the battery balanced perfectly with the trimmer head on the end of the straight shaft.

This is easily one of the best battery powered weed eaters we’ve seen and it’s easy to see why it features in so many commercial weed eater reviews. The ease of use and impressive power makes this a great option if you’re tired of noisy, smelly gas engines.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing your commercial weed eater:

2-Cycle vs 4-Cycle Engines

If you absolutley have to have bragging rights that you have the most powerful weed eater then go ahead and buy a 2-cycle gas weed eater. For the same engine capacity it’s going to deliver more revs and more torque than you’d get from a 4-cycle string trimmer. Along with the increased power comes increased noise and higher emissions. Then there’s the hassle factor of having to mix fuel and oil each time. While 4-cycle weed eaters may have slightly lower power output they are less noisy, have lower emissions and no need to mix any oil into the fuel. Maintenance of a 4-cycle engine is also easier.

Engine Capacity

If you’re going for a 2-cycle string trimmer then anything over 20cc is going to be plenty. If you’ve decided to go for the lower noise and emissions of a 4-cycle unit then you need to aim above 25cc to get decent power.

Straight or Curved Shaft?

Curved shafts are fine for small yards and working up close but for commercial applications you’re going to want to go with a straight shaft. You’ll have better reach and less vibrations. The straight shaft also allows for better weight distribution which makes long term use more comfortable. The straight shaft option also puts the spinning head further away from you so there’s less debris hitting up against your ankles.

Dual Line

Make sure that the trimmer head you get uses a dual line feed. This means you’ll be getting twice as much cutting done with each rotation of the trimmer head. A good bump advance system makes it simple to feed out more line as and when you need it. Any commercial weed eater should have this option.

Buying the best commercial weed eater for the money does mean you’ll be spending a little more but it’s absolutely worth it. Being able to chew through those thick weeds and get the job done quickly will make your life so much easier. Using a powerful 2-cycle string trimmer to get the job done quickly is great but don’t be too quick to dismiss the 4-cycle commercial grade weed eaters. You’ll hardly notice the difference in power but the advantages in other areas make them worth considering.



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